A brutal murder of a senior Journalist of Sindhi news Channel Aziz Memon, from Mehrab Pur Noshehro Feroz and demanded a judicial enquiry from a judge of Sindh High court. In a joint statement NUJ president Arshad Sulahri and Secretary General Tahir Jafri demanded for immediate arrest of the murderer of Aziz Memon who earlier in video message viral on the social media demanded security as he was receiving threats of life as he had reported paid participants for Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari long march last year. He even named alleged some officials of Sindh government who threatened him of dire consequences.

“It’s a brutality and inhuman act of murder of Aziz Memon who was killed and his body was thrown into Canal” Said his colleagues.

Donate his family

This will support his family and his colleague.


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